I forgot to put perfume on today and I just feel so naked without it! I wonder if it’s not the perfume itself - rather it’s not completing a step in a ritual that is so off-putting?

Crème managed to license this superb Giallo soundtrack from the vaults of Francesco Clemente, a forgotten Italian producer. When the movie was withdrawn due to monetary problems, this insane synthesizer gem landed on the shelf to collect dust. It was only years later that it was rediscovered by a Japanese collector who has so far kept it for himself, but after persuasive words from the Crème management decided to share it with the world. Mastered from the original tapes.”



Damir Doma - Spring 2013.

The lady at MAC liked my eyebrows and I ended up buying 2 lipsticks: captive + mehr and 2 lip pencils in half-red + dervish (wearing mehr and dervish here)

While it’s pretty much gearing up to be summer here (well not in Melbourne aka Antarctica), I’m thinking about winter next year and my absolute must have pieces:

1. Leather gloves that actually fit my toddler-sized hands (black)
2. A kimono-style jacket - I actually saw an amazing one at Acne yesterday but it was too voluminous. There’s a fine line between kimono and dowdy dressing gown (black)
3. Ankle boots - my A.Wang boots are the absolute best (anouck with rose gold h/w) and have lasted two years and counting, but I need something with a higher heel. (black)


Kraftwerk “The Telephone Call” video featured on 120 Minutes, 1987


"Tell me, does the world seem horrible to me because of my illness or because it is really like that?"

The Devil (Diabeł) / 1972 / dir. Andrzej Żuławski




Collaboration work between painter Leonora Carrington & Alexandro Jodorowsky in Mexico, 1957.

"During a party, Luis Buñuel, seduced by Carrington’s beauty and emboldened by the notion that she had transcended all bourgeois morality, proposed (with his characteristic bluntness) that she become his mistress. Without even waiting for her answer, he gave her the key to the secret studio that he used as a love nest and told her to meet him at three o’clock the next afternoon. Early the next morning, Leonora went to visit the place alone. She found it tasteless: It looked exactly like a motel room. Taking advantage of the fact that she was in her menstrual period, she covered her hands with blood and used them to make bloody handprints all over the walls in order to provide a bit of decoration for that anonymous, impersonal room. Buñuel never spoke to her again.”

- Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Creator of El Topo

buñuel never speaking to a woman again because she out buñuel’d buñuel is so buñuel, what an ass, got to look more into ms carrington—is she any relation to dora?


Antonina Vasylchenko  - Carolina Herrera FW 2014 - NYFW


Az4angela - “I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!” (2012) x Jenny Holzer - ‘Truisms’ (1977-1979)